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The five minutes that it'll take you to read this entire page (and see what I discovered) could change your life. This discovery has now changed the lives of myself and hundreds and hundreds of men since I started recommending it way back in early 2004.
Your time is precious so if you're really serious about finding a permanent solution to your erection problems, you owe it to yourself to learn about my unique discovery. 
Andrew, when I visited your site I have to say I was skeptical because of its layout.  I really didn't have the time to be reading a whole long spiel. (as a marketer, that's how it looked to me at first glance.) However I'm glad I did! For the first time in a long time I'm in total control of my erections. I'm able to control when I get it up AND for how long. I was one of those guys who could only get it up sometimes ... and more often than not I would lose it upon entry. None of that anymore!  Thank you!

Perry Sicamore - New Orleans.

P.S. I was referred to your site by a friend. It's a shame you're not listed in the search engines and the big directories like Dmoz and Yahoo. Your site is MUCH more relevant than a lot of the stuff in those directories. (Can you tell I've been searching for awhile?) If you got into those sites, you could really help out a lot more men with that kind of exposure. Just a helpful marketing tip! :) 

After eleven years, I finally decided to do a survey and the results are in! It shows that across the board, fully 90% of all the men who got this erection problem solution ... report that their erection problems are a thing of the past.
If you're yet to find something that works for ED / Impotence (erection problems) and premature ejaculation, you'll really appreciate this freebie. This will absolutely change your life!
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"NEVER before have I gotten something for free that had so much value! This simple report has made a HUGE difference in my life. You could SELL this and make a killing!"

THANK YOU, Andrew!

Sean Van NieKerk - Pretoria. South Africa.

Take it from a woman ... EVERY man should get that report! ED or no ED! ;)  Maybe if my ex had gotten this, we wouldn't be "ex's", THAT'S how powerful this is.
Emma Thompson-Jones. Bristol UK.
If You Want Erections That Are As Hard As When You Were A Teenager ...
You Want To "Last" 20, 30, Even 60 Minutes During Intercourse ...
Your Search Is Finally Over ...
Let's face it. If all the "erection enhancers" that are being promised by the sites you've seen so far in your online searching actually worked ... would millions of men still have ED, Impotence or Erection problems?

The short answer is no. But you probably already know this! By now you must be sick and tired of surfing the search engines and wading through all those sites with the "hyped up" claims.

Claims of "medically approved and recommended" pills, potions, lotions, sprays, oils, patches, herbs and even hypnosis programs. All claiming to be amazing erection enhancers!

I know this because firstly ... I'd been though all of that myself when I had my erection problems and secondly ... you're here!

This means that even after wading through all that stuff online and probably even buying some you're still stressed and feeling frustrated, inadequate and self conscious because ...
You can no longer achieve and maintain
big, strong, full, "rock hard" erections.
You climax within a few minutes (best case) or a few seconds (worse case scenario) of entering your partner. 

My name is Andrew S.Q. Taylor and the first thing that you might be wondering is "Who is this guy ... and why should I listen to him"?  Well, I don't have an MD, ND or Phd or any other pertinent designation, I'm not a chemist, herbalist, or any other so called "expert".  I'm just a regular guy who had some serious erection problems.
What's this have to do with you, you say? :) Well, I'm assuming by your visit you're in the same boat.  I'm also assuming that you might be seeking an alternative "solution" to the pharmacueticals and the gimmicks out there.
Almost four years ago I was searching for exactly that and quite by accident I found something that worked for my sexual dysfunction problems like nothing else did. I passed this on to some friends I knew who were also having some erection problems and it worked for them too. 
Because of this I decided to put up a site to help as many men out there as possible by offering an alternative solution to this agonizing condition.  That was almost four years ago. The rest as they say ... is history. 
Ok, now that we're past the formalities, I'm gonna make this as short as I can. Most men who suffer from erection problems tend to suffer from either ED or PE. One or the other. My problem was bigger than that.

I had both Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
and Premature Ejaculation (PE)!

I couldn't "get it up" most of the time and then the odd time when I could ... I was so scared of losing it ... that I would climax within seconds of entry!

My situation was so desperate that I pretty much bought and tried all the hyped up
erection enhancers that I found online. (I even tried low tech solutions like all the erection ring variations out there.) Why was I desperate?
Well, needless to say ... my relationship was going downhill fast. What was formerly an act of love, passion and total pleasure had become an exercise in frustration, anxiety, hurt, stress and humiliation.        

But enough about me ... this is about you!


                      Erection Enhancers ...


are everywhere online but if you've been searching for a fix to your erection problems for any length of time, you must be just as frustrated as I was. Everywhere you look, there are the "claims" of the pills, patches, lotions, potions, creams, herbs and sprays ... none of these so called erection enhancers work.

Maybe you've even have tried the "Transdermal Delivery " oils and the "Doctor/Naturopath Approved" products and programs. Boy, those guys in white coats must be making a fortune off of us! :)

Can I assume that you've even tried the "MUSE" treatments? If you haven't, MUSE stands for "medicated urethral system for erections." Guess how they deliver the medication? (Don't ask me how I know! :)

By inserting a thin tube that contains the pellet of medication, up your penis through the opening at the end. (Can you say ... OUCH!!!??)
The great thing about your recommendation Andrew, is that it doesn't involve any pain or discomfort whatsoever AND you don't have to worry about "side effects"! My erection problem is now just a bad memory. Sunny Pattel - US Virgin Islands.
Mind you, some "real" pharmaceutical drugs do work, but do you really want to pay up to over a buck ... for each pill? I didn't think so. And that's the generic stuff! The "real" stuff can cost upwards of FIVE to TEN DOLLARS per dose!  I don't know about you but I like sex ... a lot. But at those prices I don't know if I could literally afford to have sex as often as I would like!

Besides I'm sure that you want to be able to have great sex and great health ... and do any of us really know what the potential long term side effects of using those drugs could do to our health?

Even the short term headaches, blue vision, heart palpitations etc that you can experience is no fun. (Again, don't ask me how I know) As if these short term side effects weren't bad enough, the latest study has now linked hearing loss to these pills! In any event, my experiences left me with trying to find "natural" erection enhancers for my erection problem.

By the way, like most folks, I was really wary of all the "natural" stuff that is being hyped all over the place nowadays. Most of them fall into the "herbal" remedy arena and quite frankly I don't have much faith in that.
So if all the "erection enhancers" that you're seeing in the search engines aren't working ... what really are your options for a "natural" solution that actually works
Ironically in my searches I found that the only effective "solution" for  erection problems and "ejaculating too quickly" was something that I just happened upon while researching something else. In other words I found the solution to my sexual dysfunction problem purely by accident.
This "solution" is fast, easy, and very effective.
It'll get you hard but more importantly, it'll keep you hard ... when it counts!

erectile dysfunction
Hi Andrew,
My name is Myra Collins and I was the one who coerced my husband Chris to get your recommendation. :) I can't thank you enough for what you're doing for these guys.  Apparently in talking to a few girlfriends ED is more common than I thought!
Anyway, a BIG "thank you" for saving our sex life and probably our ... 


By the way, it's totally natural but it's not a herbal remedy. But here's the other ironic part ... it was not primarily designed to help guys like you and me to fix our erection problems, nor was it designed to stop guys from ejaculating too quickly!

Like I said, I found it while researching something else.:-) However for me it accomplished both of those things like nothing else has ever done.

Believe me ... in addition to the "real" stuff that sometimes actually works, I've also tried all the erection enhancers (those "amazing solutions", "cures" and "remedies") that you've also come across in the search engines and ...
This is the only thing that I have tried that worked for both my Erection problem and Premature Ejaculation!
Incidentally, when you visit and see what it's really designed to do, you'll realize why I feel that its main benefit turned out to be quite a huge bonus for me! :-) ("Rock hard" erections and fixing your premature ejaculations are only its secondary benefits)

But it's not just working for me, and that's why I've continued to recommend it to others. As a matter of fact ...
I just received my 500th letter telling me about how great my recommendation works for non existent or Soft Erections! 
  (more letters here)
Dear Andrew,

Betty and I wanted to thank you for leading us to that site. Thank you also for being patient and persistent when I voiced my concerns over my feeling that the site you recommend had nothing to do with solving ED and soft erections. BTW, it also helped me with that *other* problem! (wink:)

Charles Willstrom. Chicago. 

In conclusion, I have to tell you that of all the "stuff" that I've bought and tried...nothing else has ever helped me to get big, full and rock hard ... when I want to get it up. I'm also now lasting up to an hour of intercourse per session.

I've since found out that this is the best product of its kind in its "field" (what it was really designed for) as well. They have an extremely high success rate and a totally risk free, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee. This means that I had absolutely nothing to lose by at least trying it!
I got it just because of the money back guarantee. (I'm cautious with my money) I typically don't even believe in these "money back guarantees" that everyone online seems to offer but when I learned that they'd been around for awhile I figured they'd at least honor it. Thankfully I haven't had to take them up on it because this thing ROCKS!  Sam Shillingford. Osaka. Japan

Get Rid Of Your Erection Problems
By Taking Action Today!


Unfortunately time never stands still ... if you're here I can confidently assume that you've been searching for a while for a solution to this frustrating and embarassing problem. Do this for yourself NOW.  Not this afternoon or tomorrow or next week ... NOW.  Don't do like I did (I suffer from "paralysis by analysis") which is to say I researched everthing (including this) till my eyes bled before I pulled the trigger on this.

Check out the following couple of letters from a past visitors who like me ... wasted lots of time waiting before they got it.

A few months ago I came across your site again and realized that it's been three months since I had first visited!  During that time I tried some other "solutions" which needless to say did not work. :(

I've since bought your recommendation and the results have been so UNBELIEVABLE that I honestly belived that I could have saved my relationship had I gotten it back then. After all it's only so many time your partner will "settle" for the frustration of putting up with your erectile dysfunction.

Anyways better late than never and I just wanted to thank you for this awesome recommendation. BTW, even though it's VERY affordable this has been so effective for me that it would be a deal at any price!  After all, what's the ability to regain your erections really worth? For me it was worth everything. I know I wrote you before, Andrew but thanks again!

Billy O'Shea. Dublin. 

P.S. To think that I thought this was a total gimmick! Thank god I  finally got too sick and tired of being "soft" that I just bit the bullet and got it. 
Remember, you will be able to ...
Get HUGE, rock hard erections when and where it counts!
Totally control when you want to climax.
Get hard as often as you want to.
Keep it up ... after you get it up.
Thrust as fast as you want, without climaxing prematurely.
Thrust as hard as you want, without climaxing prematurely.

So I'm a "bit" more skeptical than most. :) I've searched, researched, asked (remember all my emails? lol!) and visited (over fifteen times to your site in the last few months!) and I still couldn't understand how a site like "that" (the one you recommend) could help me with my erection problem. It just didn't make sense because of the type of site it is.

However, after trying all the other
erection enhancers out there without any change in my love life, I decided to take the plunge. After all, I had tried all the other crap out there, so what harm would it do to try this one? (no offense but that's honestly how I thought)  
Well, let's just say that I am pleasantly surprised.  This has done for me what no other so called "solution" has, DESPITE the fact that I STILL don't understand "why" it should! 
Anyway, my wife always says "Must suck to be anal retentive cause you just can't enjoy life!" So I've decided to take her advice and just be thankful that it DOES work, instead of losing sleep as to "why". 
Hard as a rock and lots of stamina, what more could a fella want?  I only have one regret.  I should have purchased on the very first visit, cause the realization that I could have been enjoying these results months ago just irritates the heck outta me!
Just a note to say thanks, Andrew.

Yours truly,
Keith Patrick.
Baltimore, MD.
So don't wait another minute. Don't waste any more of your precious time and money ... check out this solution right now. Because of their money back guarantee this provides you with the excellent opportunity to "try" to see if it will work for you. If not, you get your money back, what could be simpler?

By the way, if you've visited this site before and you haven't yet checked out the solution for erection problems that I'm recommending, I'd respectfully suggest (smile) that you are doing yourself and your partner a huge disservice.

Your repeat visit shows that in your search for effective erection enhancers, you still haven't found a solution for soft, (or nonexistent) weak erections and premature ejaculation. So why waste even more of your time and money?
Believe me, you could have cured
your erection problem by now!
Think of where you could have been today in terms of your sex life and in the relationship with your partner. (I truly believe that this saved my relationship)
Stop right now and imagine for a moment that you had no erection problems. Imagine being able to have rock hard erections when it counts ... what would that do for your sense of well being and confidence? What would that have done for your relationship???  

Trust me ... I have the most awesome understanding wife in the whole world but it was small consolation to hear her say after each one of our "attempts" to make love ... "It's ok honey, it's no big deal ... it'll come back next time". Especially when I KNOW that inside she's as frustrated as heck. Now I hear ... "I don't mean to harp on this but why the heck couldn't you have gotten this years ago?" :-)   
I had a hard time finding your site but am I ever glad I did!  (my girlfriend is too!) I feel sorry for the poor fools (I was one of them!) who're still searching and probably still paying an arm and a leg for all the useless junk out there ... when something this effective and inexpensive is now available!  All I can say is awesome ... awesome ... AWESOME!

Greg Petersen.
Miami, FL.
Having said that, since I've been recommending this product I've gotten hundreds of emails from guys just like you, thanking me for pointing them in the right direction.

Almost every day I get new ones and I try to post more stories here. These letters are very typical. So again ... don't make the same mistake of "waiting", (those stories will reveal how "waiting" can "cost" you :-) go visit and get my recommendation right now ... your partner will thank you over and over!

To put it in simple terms, over the last five years I've been feeling less and less of a man because of my erection problems. I have no doubt that this saved my relationship. It was so humiliating to be trying so hard and seeing that look in my wife's eyes.  That look of frustration that turned to resignation. You have given me my life back again. Thank you.

Peter Pavlides - Athens Greece.

Hi again Andrew,
I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how excited I am because of the results that I'm seeing from your recommendation.  By the way ... did you know WHY I bought it? Strictly because of you.  Your story, your website's testimonials (I can relate to more than one of the stories on your site) and most importantly the personal interaction I had with you via email.
I didn't tell you this (grin) but I had seen your recommendation many times before and was always quite skeptical about their claims!  It's only after I dealt with you (thanks for your patience by the way) via email and realized that you're truly just a "regular" guy and not a "front salesman" from them, that I decided to give it a try.
Just goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover cause I would NEVER have bought from them based on their website's "look" and "speil". (bought too much "miracle crap" in the past that never worked) It's a shame when something that works is the exception rather than the rule.
Anyway, thanks again and have a wonderful day!

Rory Capp.
Detroit, USA.
I first visited your site in 2004! Back then you had hardly any testimonials and after visiting the site of your recommendation, I was so skeptical I never returned. Since then I've bought about every pill, herb and "program" you can think of. (Gotta love the net, every Joe out there has somethin to sell) never and I jus

I visited you again a year or so ago and was surprised to see you were still around! By this time you had tons of testimonials. Being a skeptic and STILL not believing that THAT program would help with my erection problem, and thinking you probably "made up" the testimonials ... I passed again.

Since 2004 to now I've been in and lost five relationships because of this problem. Long story short upon a recent visit, I decided that if you've been around this long, you have to be doing something right. So I tried it ... and as they say "The rest is history"!!!

Here's something ironic, based on our sex life my current girlfriend thinks I'm joking when I tell her I had erection problems in the past.

Ted Wilkinson, Calgary. Alberta

Whoo hoo, it's working! I didn't have the "problem" that they really selling their program for and quite frankly I didn't see anywhere on their site where they mentioned that they solved ED.

However, I figured ALL these testimonials can't be lies PLUS they had the money back guarantee so what had I to lose? I'd already spent thousands on this problem so whats another few bucks?

Well, to my shock, it's working! I don't understand why and I DON'T CARE TO. As long as its working! Whoo hoo! Not only are my erections harder but they're BIGGER than they've ever been!
Bertie Sampson.
White Plains, NY
When you visit, remember not to be confused if it seems at first that the site has little to do with solving erection problems, because their product is not primarily designed for that. (But boy, does it ever work like nothing else out there!)

As a matter of fact, they mention results for sexual dysfunction as secondary results. However it's "real life" results for curing erection problems are so amazing that I've suggested to them that they market it primarily as a sexual dysfunction product!
Because of their 100% money back guarantee you have nothing to lose by at least trying it today!

CLICK HERE NOW now to see "the solution" that will get you "hard", keep you hard and give you amazing "control", GUARANTEED!


To your Sexual Health ... you and your partner deserve it!

andrew @

erectile dysfunction

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