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What are Erection Enhancers REALLY "enhancing"? 
By Andrew S.Q. Taylor.

"Erection Enhancers" ... what does that really mean? One dictionary definition of "enhancer" had it as "To make greater, as in value, beauty, or effectiveness; augment". In regular language and in the context of how it's being used here, it really means to make your erection bigger, harder etc.

But after seeing AND trying most of the so called "enhancers" out there, it begs the question ... what is getting bigger? The merchants' wallets perhaps?

If all the "erection enhancers" that are being promised by the sites you've seen so far in your online searching actually worked, would millions of men still have ED, Impotence or Erection problems? The short answer is no.

I don't have to tell you this though, right? Listen, if you have been searching online for any length of time, whether it be a year, a month, a week or even in the last half an hour, you've probably been inundated, even overwhelmed with the seemingly huge amount of "choice" that you have for a natural solution for erection problems.

There are pills, potions, lotions, herbs, gadgets, gizmos, devices, patches, oils, sprays, rings, pumps, rods etc, etc, etc.

As a guy who suffered from ED several years ago, I was initially excited by all the stuff there was out there because I figured that for them to be out there and doing so well, (apparently) they must work!

Ah, but then my excitement soon turned to frustration (and sometimes plain ole' anger) when after trying one after another, I realized that it was going to take a little more than some "warming lotion" to get me back my erection.

Some of the "effects" that I experienced in the herb/pill category ranged anywhere from "nothing", to watering of the mouth and/or light headedness. Some of the "results" I got from using some of the "devices" included bruising, blotching, temporary deformities and decreased sensitivity.

It was enough to make the average man throw his hands up in despair and give up! Yes, I knew that some pharmaceuticals worked. Unfortunately for me, not really an option. It would have been the absolute last resort as I'm really not comfortable with taking drugs for anything. Besides the reported side effects and the cost of this option was for me, quite discouraging.

However that's not to say that nothing touted as "natural" works. Not at all! Case in point? I eventually found something that worked for me (and subsequently hundreds and hundreds of men) but it took a lot of searching and MOSTLY luck. (but that's another story!)

In my search I had spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars trying different "erection enhancers" and buying into the promises. The only thing that I saw that was being "enhanced" was the pocket books of the people that I was paying my hard earned cash to!

Unfortunately, I hear the same story every day from tons of guys just like you and I. Just average guys, desperately looking for a solution to their erection problems.

Anything that will get them their manhood back. Guys that are being fleeced almost out of house and home by unscrupulous merchants out to make a quick buck off of someone's else's desperation.

My point is this. When you're conducting your search online for the perfect ED solution, don't get caught up with the slickness of the website, the fancy graphics, the packaging of the product, the outrageous claims and professional marketing.

Use your common sense in your research. There's a saying "Common sense is not so common" (I should have known the "oil" was too good to be true! :) and unfortunately that is so true.

Make sure that they offer a money back guarantee and don't be shy to take advantage of it. Do your research, see how long the website has been around. Longevity online carries a certain amount of credibility.

Good luck!

Written by Andrew S. Q. Taylor


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