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Erection problems can HELP your relationship!
By Andrew S.Q. Taylor.


I've written an article before where in some cases erection problems may kill your relationship. However did you know that in some cases, it may actually HELP your relationship?

What's that you say ... am I going crazy? Nope, you've got to hear me out on this one! Now I’m no psychiatrist (amateur or professional) but I will tell you what I've learned from doing lots of interviews and conducting lots of surveys with men with erection problems.

As you probably already know, erection problems may be caused by a wide range of reasons or circumstances. One of these is purely psychological. In other words, erection problems that stem from stuff going on in your head. "Pressure to perform", insecurity, bad past experiences, can all contribute to erection problems.

For instance I heard stories from guys who've had traumatic "first times" and since then could not get it up. They have absolutely no problems with their libido, no problems getting it up for masturbation etc ... but as soon as they get into an intimate situation with a woman, nothing.

I've also heard stories from guys who were very insecure about their bodies, especially from guys who were self conscious about their "size". One guy in particular was laughed at when he tried to get intimate with a new lover. Needless to say, that was not so successful an encounter. From that point on he suffered from erection problems! Coincidence? Not likely!

So how can erection problems help your relationship? Well, it can help to bring you and your partner closer because if your partner is sensitive to your feelings, needs and insecurities (as any "real" partner should be) they can actually help you to open up about these insecurities and get them out into the open. This can be the first step to getting back those erections!

I can’t begin to count how many times I've heard from guys who say that once they begin to talk to their significant others about their insecurities (ESPECIALLY as it relates to their partners) and their partners started to listen and empathize and sympathize with them, it almost instantaneously helped to improve their erection problems!

Of course, for some it takes a while, especially if there are trust issues involved. Here is where a supportive spouse or significant other can help out by assuring the guy that there's no pressure, and acts in that manner! Here's where they can suggest to the guy new and different ways of intimacy which while "indirect" as far as men are concerned, can go a far way towards the healing process.

Quite often a way of dealing with these "mental" erection problem issues is to try or participate in new or additional ways of satisfying your woman. Too often time we men focus on just intercourse, and not nearly enough time of all the other aspects of sexual intimacy. Encouraging and developing this aspect of your relationship can bring couples closer together and ultimately, a closer couple invariably enjoys the best sexual relationships.

The majority of men that I have spoken to say that going through this course of action has not only strengthened their relationships, but have ultimately given them back erections that were stronger than ever before! Moral of this article? Get your partner/spouse involved, swallow your machismo and have them help you with your erection issues. You'd be surprised what a little TLC can do for your erection problems!

Good luck!

Written by Andrew S. Q. Taylor


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