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                       Is ED (Erection Problems) a killer?
                                   By Andrew S.Q. Taylor.


ED can be a killer. No, I don't mean it can kill you ... but it can certainly kill your relationship. Any guy who has suffered from ED while in a relationship will attest to the fact that at the very least, it can put a huge strain on a relationship. At the very worse it can be the death of that relationship.

Let's face it. A huge component of a happy, fulfilling relationship is sexual intimacy. Not only can it forge a strong bond between two people, but on a very practical level ... it's an important part of procreation! (making babies! :)

Yeah, yeah ... I know, these days we're so technologically advanced that in theory one doesn't need erections to have a baby, one can always use artificial insemination. (This is where sperm is "artificially" placed into a woman's uterus or her cervix.) However I'm sure that most men (and most women for that matter!) will agree that the "old fashioned" method is much more desirable. :)

Based on the research and surveys that I've done, it has become very clear that generally speaking, men go through several stages with dealing with ED. (erection problems) Especially while in a relationship.

The first one I've learned from the feedback I've received is ... denial. You know, the old "that can't happen to me, I'm in the peak of health" syndrome. Or how about this one .. "ED is something that old guys get". Or maybe even this one ... "I'm just not turned on by her anymore".

The last statement can certainly be a factor in the inability to get an erection AT THE TIME. However, it is highly unlikely to be the cause of the inability to get and SUSTAIN an erection, across the board.

Generally speaking, it is generally acknowledged that ED is more or less a condition whereby one cannot (or has a difficult time) getting and MAINTAINING an erection. ED is a strange animal.

The guy who can get an enormous erection at will BUT can't KEEP it, is suffering from ED just as much as the guy who can't get one at all!

The second stage is ... shame, embarrassment and feelings of adequacy. Most men strongly link their "manhood" or masculinity to their erections and ability to satisfy their partners sexually. So when or if they start suffering from erection problems, this stage can kick in big time! Being ashamed of not being able to perform, embarrassment and feelings of general inadequacy are common.

The third stage is anxiety and dread.

After you've failed over and over again in anything, it's natural for the human mind to assume that there is a good chance that the trend will continue. Therefore it is natural for a guy suffering from erection problems to suffer feelings of anxiety just thinking about the situation.

This is one instance where practice does not necessarily make "perfect"! Far from it. As a matter of fact the opposite can be true. The more we attempt to make love to our partners and the more we fail ... the anxiety of the thought of yet another failure, can actually contribute to the problem. It's now "performance anxiety". This is where the dread comes in. No one looks forward to a situation where they will most likely fail.

The fourth stage is avoidance and depression.

After repeated failures, it is quite common for men to give up trying altogether. This inability to perform now becomes a part of their entire mindset, which inevitably leads to depression.

When you combine all these stages, you see how ED can be a relationship killer. The psychological ramifications of ED can be devastating. Combine that with the actual physical effects and it becomes very obvious why so many relationships are affected by it.

Moral of this article? Don't let your erection problems get to that stage before you seek treatment. There are several effective treatments out there ... pharmaceutical and natural. Get help before your condition has a chance to potentially kill your relationship.

Good luck!

Written by Andrew S. Q. Taylor


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