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Hello, Andrew,
I first visited your site almost FOUR years ago and thought that you were some scammer recommending something that obviously (to me) wouldn't work for my erection problem (and anyone else's for that matter) and I told you as much. (don't know if you remember.)
Over the last few years I came across your site again and again and still didn't believe that the kind of site that you recommend would do anything for erection problems. (I could sorta see how it MIGHT work for premature ejaculation but NOT for weak erections)
Over all this time your testimonials kept growing and growing ... but of course I didn't believe those either! To make a very long story short, eventually I reluctantly decided that for that amount of money (plus the famous "money back guarantee")  I didn't have anything to lose and even if the money back guarantee was a scam, I could afford to lose that money. Bottom line? MY HUMBLEST APOLOGIES for not only disbelieving you (without even trying it) but for being rude to you in my email four years ago. 
This thing worked ... and worked where NOTHING else has worked for me. (I still can't figure out WHY it should though)  As an online marketer myself,  I should have known something that not only survived but THRIVED over the last four years (a lifetime in internet marketing terms) should have some credence to it.
BTW, congratulations on your survey's results, four years ago I would have concluded that you made those up yourself! (Ok, so I'm a bit of a cynic! :) However since I am now a part of those results, I say "good on you guy"!
Best wishes,
Lionel Timmons.  Salt Lake City. Utah USA.
As for the survey ... don't mention it.  It was great to be able to contribute.  At first I was amazed to hear of the results ... wow ... over 90% of folks saw great results! But then again I shouldn't have been surprised since I am one of those people!  Thanks again for a great recommendation. (My wife thanks you too! ;)
Stephen Lacy - Wilmington, Delaware.
I am convinced that your "freebie" report has done more for our sex life than ANYTHING I have EVER come across. It makes so much sense and the step by step explanation was so simple that it was almost laughable that we didn't "get it" before! :) More specifically, I am convinced that it has contributed GREATLY to the cure of my husband's ED and thus our overall relationship. 
On the other hand, Bill (my husband) feel it's his "cure" is about 95% due to the actual product that you recommended. (typical man! lol!) We agreed to disagree. It's only after I visited your site and read that you said that its a combination of the stuff in the report and your product that is almost guaranteed to solve ED problems that I thought to myself ... how true! Thank you so much Andrew for sharing this with my husband!
Susanna Beresford. Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.
I just wanted to write in to tell you that your recommendation is the ONLY thing that has given me the results I wanted. BIG BONERS, period. And without pills, injections, pumps, oils, herbs, patches and all the other "stuff" that's rampant out there. I agree with you, they don't work. (don't ask me how I know) Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Scott Warburton. San Diego, CA
Hi Andrew,
My name is Myra Collins and I was the one who coerced my husband Chris to get your recommendation. :) I can't thank you enough for what you're doing for these guys.  Apparently in talking to a few girlfriends ED is more common than I thought!
Anyway, a BIG "thank you" for saving our sex life and probably our marriage. It was at the point where I was actually dreading having sex with Chris and I don't know which one of us got more frustrated ... him or me. I was even starting to have self esteem issues and self doubt since I was at the point of thinking that maybe I was not attractive to Chris anymore ... and that was what was causing his lack of "performance".  The mind can play so many tricks on you in a situation like that. 
Now Chris is like when we first met ... I have to push him away every now and again!  His confidence is back based on his newly restored ability to perform and thank goodness for that.  Now we can share our love and passion together like the good old days!
Again ... thank you!
Myra Collins.
Fort Worth
Texas. USA.
P.S. That report that you give away at your site is AMAZING! Now that we're "back in action", we've been following some of the strategies from it and it has sent our passion through the roof!!!
So I'm a "bit" more skeptical than most. :) I've searched, researched, asked (remember all my emails? lol!) and visited (over fifteen times to your site in the last few months!) and I still couldn't understand how a site like "that" (the one you recommend) could help me with my ED problems. It just didn't make sense because of the type of site it is.

However, after trying all the other stuff out there without any change in my love life, I decided to take the plunge. After all, I had tried all the other crap out there, so what harm would it do to try this one? (no offense but that's honestly how I thought)   Well, let's just say that I am pleasantly surprised.  This has done for me what no other so called "solution" has, DESPITE the fact that I STILL don't understand "why" it should! 
Anyway, my wife always says "Must suck to be anal retentive cause you just can't enjoy life!" So I've decided to take her advice and just be thankful that it DOES work, instead of losing sleep as to "why". 
Hard as a rock and lots of stamina, what more could a fella want?  I only have one regret.  I should have purchased on the very first visit, cause the realization that I could have been enjoying these results months ago just irritates the heck outta me!
Just a note to say thanks, Andrew.

Yours truly,
Keith Patrick.
Baltimore, MD.


Greetings from the Land of the Long White Cloud! Thanks Andrew for giving me the opportunity to share my story.

Over the last couple of years I had developed ED and no matter what I tried I just couldn't beat it. Unfortunately I couldn't tolerate the drugs the doctors prescribed and of course all that herb crap out there didn't do squat for me. So I ended up going to the net as a "last resort". Thank God I found your site. (AFTER I'd fallen for a few scams I might add!)
By the way, my ED was compounded by the fact that the passion in my relationship was pretty much nil. When my girlfriend and I first got involved we had amazing passion. As a matter of fact, my girl friend was so passionate that I swear she lusted after me more than I did her. (if that is possible! :) However as any couple who's been together for awhile can attest to .. that passion kind of slipped over the years.
The fact that I developed ED made it even worse! The odd time that we'd get the urge, I just couldn't perform. Your recommendation combined with that little report has changed all that. It's absolutely mind boggling (to me at least) how a simple report (with no mumbo jumbo talk) could have such a dramatic and immediate effect on someone's love life. The stuff we learned has definitely brought back the passion (my girl's really into me again! lol!) and I can't tell you how great it feels to have great erections again. Now with your report I have the knowledge to know exactly how to use it! 
William Cairns. Auckland, New Zealand.
Hi again Andrew,

I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how excited I am because of the results that I'm seeing from your recommendation.  By the way ... did you know WHY I bought it? Strictly because of you.  Your story, your website's testimonials (I can relate to more than one of the stories on your site) and most importantly the personal interaction I had with you via email.
I didn't tell you this (grin) but I had seen that site many times before and was always quite skeptical about their claims!  It's only after I dealt with you (thanks for your patience by the way) via email and realized that you're truly just a "regular" guy and not a "front salesman" from them, that I decided to give it a try.
Just goes to show that you can't judge a book by its cover cause I would NEVER have bought from them based on their website's "look" and "speil". (bought too much "miracle crap" in the past that never worked) It's a shame when something that works is the exception rather than the rule.
Anyway, thanks again and have a wonderful day!

Rory Capp.
Detroit, USA.


Take it from a woman ... EVERY man should get that report! ED or no ED! ;)  Maybe if my ex had gotten this, we wouldn't be "ex's", THAT'S how powerful this is.
Emma Thompson-Jones. Bristol UK.



Andrew, you have made a direct impact on my wallet. I work in the adult film industry and my success to a large part is directly related to my ability to get erections on demand.  I literally can't AFFORD to have erection problems!  Imagine my panic when I discovered that my erections were not so "instant" as they have always been. (I'm only 31!) Your recommendation has restored my ability to make money in this industry. YOU DA MAN!
BTW, if you are going to use this letter as a testimonial, please omit my name. (for obvious reasons)
(name omitted by request)
Los Angeles, CA


Dear Mr Taylor,
As an old "codger" I'm as cynical about internet claims as the next guy ... but I still bought your recommendation.  I was so pleased with the results that I encouraged a friend of mine to try it as well. (He's only 72! smile) 

Well, apparently I'm not the only cynic out there.  Even though he had told me he'd keep an open mind, he admitted to me about two months ago that he visited your site no less than TEN times and still never got the damn thing! 
Since by then I was tired of his complaining about his lack of erections etc when he would try getting intimate with his wife, I chastised him about how much time he had wasted, while still complaining! 
Anyway to make a long story short, he did buy eventually and is so pleased with the results that he now blames ME for not being more forceful in getting him to buy sooner!
Anyway, just wanted to say (from two former Viagra users) ... keep up the good work! (no pun intended. smile)

Perry D Sutter. 
Washington DC.

Andrew, even though you had pointed out in our emails that I shouldn't be confused if the site of your recommendation seemed as though it had nothing to do with solving sexual dysfunction, I was STILL a bit thrown off.

But you were right!  They talk about results for sexual dysfunction as secondary results and they themselves also advised me that their product was not primarily designed for that.
So it was purely upon your advice and results (and the testimonials on your site) that I still tried it. (Figured I had nothing to lose anyways!)  Boy!  Am I pleased that I stumbled upon your website.  Again you were right.  They should market it PRIMARILY as a sexual dysfunction product. Holy @#$%!  I'm now BIGGER than ever, HARDER than ever, I can last, and last and LAST, AND I have gobs of ejaculate now  when I come!  Boy, I hope they're paying you cause if I had gone to their site WITHOUT your recommendation ... I honestly would have written it off as "another one of those"!
Thanks a MILLION,
Jerry G Matthews.
Sudbury, Ontario.

Ok Andrew, YOU OWE ME big time! lol! I just heard from my buddy (who I'd sent to your site way back in May 2005) and apparently he finally bought the product a few weeks ago. Now he can't stop going on about his "performance"!  Ironically when I had first told him that I had bought it, he wanted to wait to hear if it worked for me.

Well, I'm a single guy so I didn't have as much to lose as he did (he's married with two kids) and since he was always concerned that his wife would leave him because of his problems in the sack, I'd suggested way back in 2005 that he jump on it. 
Quite frankly even though I can understand how one could be skeptical, the way I looked at it was since they had that money back guarantee, I'd get it immediately and if it didn't work I'd just get back my money.  The quicker I got it, the quicker I'd know if it worked!  But then I'm not the procrastinator that he is. lol!
Anyway, to make a long story short,  he finally bought it (two YEARS later!) and is now convinced that its saved his marriage!  So where's my reward? :)  I know this sounds weird to say but I guess it's a good thing for us that you had these problems yourself because its purely because of YOUR story that I bought that product.  Why do I say that?  Because quite frankly all those sites seem the same, so on behalf of my buddy and I, thanks for initially being our "guinea pig". :)
Craig Willburton.  Chicago.  


I've always wanted to produce as much cum as a porn star.  I even bought some pills at (name removed for obvious reasons) because they claimed to increase your ejaculate by over 500%! They mentioned some "study" that they claim showed that women prefer men who produce lots of sperm. Needless to say it didn't work.  On the other hand your recommendation works ... and it wasn't even hyped!  No I didn't increase mine by the other site's rediculous cliam ... but it doubled and that's plenty enough for me.  By the way, now I understand what you meant in your email about the multiple orgasms!
Thanks, Andrew!

Peter VanMussen.  Pittsburg. Penn.  


After standing on the sidelines (since June!) and watching the testimonials on your site grow and grow ... I finally decided to experience for myself what the "hype" was all about. (Can you tell that I was a wee bit SKEPTICAL? lol!) Afterall, my erections weren't getting any stronger just "watching". Well, you can add this letter to your testimonials!  Big and strong erections galore ... plus more control ... WELL worth the money.


Tito Palderas. Port Of Spain. Trinidad.


#*$&%^!!! I'm pissed big time! I passed on your recommendation (at your old site) back in March and only bought last week AFTER experiencing that the pills (you know ... the "doctors approved and rated" ones!) and other assorted stuff don't do crap. So then I got really desperate and tried the real stuff (Viagra) but after the blue vision, heart palpitations and stomach upset I got scared! Besides I couldn't keep on spending up to a buck fifty on EACH pill. 

On the other hand, the results I'm now getting from this stuff have been nothing short of amazing! Boy am I pissed at myself for having passed back in March.  I would've saved the $479.83 (yes I added up the money I spent on the other "cures"!) PLUS all that time that I wasted on the so called "solutions" since then.    Oh well ... that's the last time I procrastinate, that's for sure! Incidentally, did you find that your ejacualtion strength is stronger too? Mine is starting to increase!   
Derrol Hastings. Detroit, Michigan.

P.S. Thanks for your quick responses, I appreciate it!


Helloooo again HARD ONS!  Andew ... my man, you have saved me from spending even MORE money on the stuff that's all over the search engines that JUST DON'T WORK! (Sorry for yelling bloke, but I'm excited!)  Like you I've tried the pills, the air pumps (bruised myself pretty bad for temporary erections) the herbs, potions, lotions etc, etc.  I even tried hypnosis (they tell you that ED is a mental problem a lot of the time) and even that didn't help me with my erections.

I was so humiliated and stressed from seeing the look of anticipated disappointment on my woman's face whenever we'd TRY to do it.  Your recommendation has now turned everything around so that she now looks forward to our sessions cause I'm now always BIG, HARD, and in control! Brilliant, my man, BRILLIANT!

Carlton Hawke. Manchester. UK.


Dear Mr Taylor,

My name is Elliot Parmsby from London, England. I just wanted to drop you a little note of gratitude for your excellent recommendation.  I've never written a "testimonial letter" before, but I made an exception this time because I did write the fellows that you recommended, to commend them on their product.

Even though this is not YOUR product but merely your "recommendation", I still feel the need to thank you for the excellent service that you're providing.  Your story seemed refreshingly devoid of hype and unrealistic "claims".  In other words, as you North Americans would say ... you seemed "real". (smile)
Fortunately I came across your site fairly early and as such I didn't waste any time or money in MY search. (Unlike so many of the others that I read about on your site) 
Again ... thank you for your recommendation, it has helped me tremendously.


Elliot Parmsby.
London, England.


I had a hard time finding your site but am I ever glad I did!  (my girlfriend is too!) I feel sorry for the poor fools (I was one of them!) who're still searching and probably still paying an arm and a leg for all the useless junk out there ... when something this effective and inexpensive is now available!  All I can say is awesome ... awesome ... AWESOME!

Greg Petersen.
Miami, FL.



Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You have saved my sex life and my marriage.  You are doing men all over a great service by sharing your story and recommendation.  Prior to stumbling across your site, I was floundering among the fast talking, slick merchants who really couldn't  give a rat's ass about helping us guys ... they just want to line their pockets! How do I know this? Because their "stuff" doesn't work!
By the way ... I had visited your site several times over the course of a few weeks before even actually clicking through to your recommendation! I don't know whether it was through skepticism or I couldn't be bothered to read your entire page, (its looooong! lol!) but I KICK MYSELF NOW FOR WAITING SO LONG.  I could have solved my problems weeks ago AND saved myself the money that I spent on other "cures"!  Anyway better late than never.  Again ... thank you sooooo much! 


Stephen Westlake.
Rhode Island.
P.S. My wife also thanks you from the bottom of her heart! :-)

Boy! The competition must hate your guts!  You must be killing their business!  After getting your recommendation, I sent back the pills that I had bought from another site so that I could get a refund for them. (They didn't work anyway!)  With your recommendation I can last forever now! YES!!!

Charlie Newporte Jnr.


Dear Andrew,

I'm a little older (turned 67 this last October) and with age comes a couple of things ... softer erections ... and a hardened sense of cynicism! I've been searching for a natural solution to my problem for a while now (I'd heard too many horror stories about Viagra and the other "drugs")  but I have to say that I passed on your recommendation FIVE times! 

However after wasting even more time searching, I realized that your "recommendation" seemed the most "genuine" of the lot so I finally decided to take the plunge.  Sir ... you are the SOLE reason why I've become a lot less cynical! This stuff worked for me just like you described and my guess is that you're much younger than I am!  I haven't had erections like this in over 25 years!  Bless you!
Edward Nicklesby. London. England.

What a novel approach.  Who would have thought that something so simple could be so effective!!! I had bookmarked your site partly because of procrastination and partly because of skepticism. Skepticism because everything else out there was so expensive that your recommendation seemed too good to be true. However am I ever glad that I bookmarked you!  It wasn't more than a day later that I came back and bought it.  Bottom line? My girlfriend now begs ME to stop!
Jim Sweeney.
Port Perry.


Andrew, let me quote my wife ...

"My God, I can actually FEEL your cum now!" 

That is just one of the results that I've gotten. I have to be honest and tell you that I was somewhat confused when I visited and saw what they were selling! It seemed to me that it had not much to do with my problem, however I remembered you had mentioned that I might get that impression so I kept an open mind. AM I GLAD I DID!
My ejaculations are so strong now that she can literally feel it inside when I explode!  Before this, most times they were a "dribble" and sometimes ... only sometimes ... I could shoot about an inch or two.  Now I'm spurting like an oil well on steroids!    D. Peter Stanley.  Tampa. Florida.

Dude, I don't know if they're paying you over at (name removed for obvious reasons) but they'd better be paying you something, because if it wasn't for you I don't think I would have bought their product! Why? Two reasons ... One ... I'm a procrastinator. Two ... I honesty didn't think that their product would help me to stop "coming" as quickly as I used to.
MAN!  Did it ever work!!!! I'm pounding my girl now like a damn rabbit gone wild and I can still hold it for at least a good twenty minutes now!  The fellas over at sure know what the heck they're doing. It's no wonder they're #1! By the way ... I never had an erection problem but even my girl commented that my hard ons are much harder and bigger now!
Scott Collins.  Pasadena. California.

I don't know how many of your visitors are concerned about their ejaculations, but I certainly was.  Mine were weak ... feeble really. I actually thought I had a blockage of some sort. I remember when I could shoot my cum for FEET but for the last year or so, I was lucky if I could shoot it at all!  BTW, there's not a lot of stuff out there on helping with this kind of problem and because your site didn't really mention it as a benefit much, I thought this might have been the same.  However, fortunately a letter that you had posted which did mention it made me decide to check your recommendation out. WOW! It worked for me too! Thanks ... I know it might seem a bit weird to worry about your "cum" but hey that was my issue.

Greg Dalton. Pittsburg. USA.

P.S. If you want you can post this letter, it might help someone else who has the same concerns that I had.



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