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Guys, you can be romantic, DESPITE yourself!
By Andrew S.Q. Taylor.

Some would say you're either romantic or you're not. There's also a general sense out there that men are less romantic than women. As a man, I would like to think that generalizations such as this are not only unfair, but they're untrue.

Alas, my experiences with talking to men, doing surveys, conducting polls etc leads me to believe that there just might be something to that consensus. (smile) At least as far as what the average man thinks being romantic is.

This article is for the guy who isn't a "natural" at being romantic.

See, lots of guys think that being romantic to their wives or girlfriends is "doing big things" or buying "expensive stuff" for them. The bigger the stuff and/or the more elaborate the plan, the more romantic men perceive it to be.

However, most men are surprised when their partners inform then that being romantic is not necessarily doing the big stuff ... or even the expensive stuff. While it can be ... it's not the only way towards romance. Apparently it's much more desirable or attractive to do the little things on a CONSISTENT basis.

So ... what's a man to do if he's not as romantic as he can be? (smile)

Well, the good news is ... you can learn to be romantic. But here's the best part. You can then schedule romance! (Whoa! I hear you saying "that's an oxymoron if there ever was one!") Now I know schedule signifies "routine" … and routine and romance seem to be a contradiction of terms … but bear with me here, we'll get to that later!

First off ... what IS being romantic? Well, there's a simple way to define it in my mind. Are you ready? Here it is.

ANYTHING that you can do or say ... that shows your woman that you're thinking about her and that you care.

Simple, eh? Now we can use this definition to find ways to be romantic! So let's see ... what can we do to show our women that we care and we're thinking about them? The list is only limited by your imagination. Here're a few good examples of little things that are VERY romantic and practical at the same time.

Help with the housework! For instance, while she's doing the dishes, maybe you could dry them. Once in awhile, YOU do the damn dishes! (Caught ya off guard there, didn't I?) :)

Here's another one ... help with the baby! Here's yet another, put a note in her purse (or in her book) telling her how much you appreciate who she is, what she does, and what she means to you.

Are ya getting a sense of what this is about? One would think that helping with dishes is the last thing that would come to mind when thinking “romance”. You'd be wrong. Remember our little definition?

Anything that you can do or say ... that shows your woman that you’re thinking about her and that you care.

What does doing the dishes "say"? It says ... I appreciate the stuff you do around here, and I want to make it easier for you.

See guys, our notion of romance is ok ... you know, the flowers, the dinners, the getaways etc, but the little things you do on a day to day basis can be just as romantic as those elaborate things.

Ok, so here's your assignment.

Sit down, spend some time and think of ALL the things that fall into the category of "anything that you can do or say ... that shows your woman that you're thinking about her, and that you care."

Use your imagination, rack your brains here. No imagination? Ask friends who're women, do some research online ... MAKE AN EFFORT ... then make a list!

Yup, you heard me. A list. Romance doesn't come naturally to you, remember? So write it all down! The bigger the list, the better. Got it? Now here's the kicker. Make a schedule. Make a schedule as to when you'll be doing this stuff!

Radical, huh? How unromantic, right? Ah, but you're a guy ... you appreciate routine, you appreciate practicality, you appreciate a good "plan". So trust me, and make a schedule.

Now that you have your schedule, set up a reminder system! Holleeee ... this is just getting worse, isn't it? Just do it. Set it up on your Blackberry, set it up in your organizer, set it up in your phone, heck, even have your secretary or assistant set it up.

However, here's the key. NEVER, EVER, EVER ... let you spouse/partner know about it.

There nothing so UN-romantic to the recipient of this "romance" than to learn that it's not spontaneous! That's why a good method may be to set up an email reminder system like the ones the greeting card sites have.

Ok, so now you've got your list ... you've got your schedule. What now? Do it, alright? JUST DO IT!

Ok, that's all for now, I just got an email telling me that's it time to go buy some flowers for her ... "just because"! Gotta run!

Good luck!

Written by Andrew S. Q. Taylor


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