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Size REALLY matters ... or does it?
By Andrew S.Q. Taylor.


C'mon, does size REALLY matter?  As the owner of a site that's been helping men solve their erection problems since 2004, I'm always surprised at the emails I get on a daily basis from men of all age, races and sexual persuasions.

Why?  Because sometimes they have nothing to do with erection problems or any other form of sexual dysfunction!  It almost seems as though they see my site as a venue for venting sexual frustrations in general. 

One of the most common queries I get is about the size or lack thereof of their “members”. I always knew that size was a big issue with men but didn’t really realize the extent of this concern right across the board.  It’s also not limited to men of any particular demographic. All nationalities and from all cultures, men just seem to be obsessed with their “size”.

Now as I’ve mentioned before, I've also been writing and publishing articles to do with erection problems and sexual dysfunction in general and also get lots of feedback and questions based on those articles.  So why am I addressing this “problem” when it seems to have nothing with sexual dysfunction? What does "size" have to do with erection problems you say? 

A LOT!  First off, the quality of erection has everything to do with how "big" you are.  Typically the size of your erection determines the size of your "member" ... when and where it counts … i.e.  in the bedroom! (or wherever else you find yourself doing it)

Now I know you've seen the surveys that women supposedly take about how important "size" is to them. Now depending on who is publishing those surveys you will hear that "size" DOES matter (these are the penile enhancement people) to the majority of women … or in other surveys that it does NOT! (from the "regular" surveys.)

So if you are less than "well endowed", who are you to believe? 

Well, lets get some things straight.  There is absolutely no disputing the FACT that women place confidence higher as an attractive attribute than the size of a man's "member"!  In other words you can have the biggest "Johnson" around but if you don't have confidence and self esteem you'll do much worse with the ladies than the fella who has a little to average "Johnson" but big self esteem and self confidence ... any day of the week.   

Secondly, any woman will tell you that they get more pleasure from a hard "average" or even "small" member over a soft or even semi soft LARGE one, any day! 

In any event, it does help to have your erection ability up to snuff.  Make sure that you get the best possible erections because THAT'S what really matters.  For the guys who get the greatest erections but still can't get over the size thing, there are some things out there that will actually help to get you bigger, but that's a whole 'nother subject!      

Bottom line?  Size DOES matter.  However it’s the size of your self esteem (and thus your confidence) that we're talking about here!

To your health!

Written by Andrew S. Q. Taylor


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